College Grads

Hello there, my name is Reid. I’m an Account Manager at Signature Consultants, where I began my career in 2014, right after graduating from the University of Chapel Hill. In four short years, my career path has led me from the role of associate recruiter to my current position as account manager on one of Signature’s largest accounts.

One of the aspects about Signature that I admire the most is our mentor program, where each recruiter is set up for success in sales within a learning and teaching environment. I also appreciate the opportunity for continued growth within the company. Prior to helping our leadership team develop a new team with national reach, I hit my first milestone by leveraging support across the account, as well as mentoring incoming recruiters. In doing so, I was able to advance my career and develop my own leadership skills through hard work and consistent team support.

I wouldn’t be in the position I am today without the ongoing support and training Signature has provided. Now I get to travel across the country to San Antonio, Chicago, and other areas, helping to expand Signature’s footprint at the account.

Take a look at the characteristics and experiences we look for in recent college graduates:

  • Competitive
  • Leadership roles
  • Sales internships
  • Athletes
  • Clubs and organizations on campus
  • Worked through school
  • Goal-oriented
  • Money-motivated
  • Rapid career growth
  • Sales-driven


Start your career path with us today. We look forward to speaking with you.

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