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Internship Program

Hi, I’m Amanda, Internal Recruiting Manager at Signature Consultants. I’m passionate about internal recruiting, because it allows me to connect with students and recent college graduates to help them find their fit within our company. I’ve been in their position and it’s not easy. I’m able to build my own team and a division that hadn’t existed. As long as we’re finding the right people for Signature, we’ll continue to grow, not only as a team, but also as an organization. The more people we hire, the more they can move up, make money, break new accounts, relocate, open new offices, and help Signature grow.

To say that our company’s culture is different is an understatement. We have a policy of “friends first,” so socializing with other interns and employees is strongly encouraged. We believe that when your fellow interns are your friends, you just naturally want to help them. Signature provides an open environment where you’ll be supported by your peers and allowed to learn and grow in whatever direction inspires you.

If you value honesty and integrity and work hard, you’ll fit right in at Signature.

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