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Hi, I’m Kristin. The pivotal moment in my experience at Signature occurred when I became aware that there were opportunities to lead and mentor others. I took ownership of these opportunities and my ambition was recognized not only financially, but also allowed me to connect with our leadership team and develop stronger relationships. I feel strongly about trusting the programs in place at Signature and I share my approach and mentor others on the team.

I believe the keys to leadership are identifying opportunities, asking questions, taking ownership, being accountable, and holding others accountable. Every day I do things I’ve never done and I love that my current role as a training program manager is a potential stepping-stone for other opportunities within Signature. Eventually, I plan to have a team of my own.

  • Check out the training opportunities that you could be a part of:
  • Mentorship throughout training, and beyond
  • Assessments throughout the program
  • Role-play with recruiters and sales throughout the company to help you feel comfortable in your
  • Recruiter 2 Sales

Each training opportunity guides and helps you to be successful in your career goals. Start your career path with us today.

We look forward to speaking with you.

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