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Life Science

We’ve got your staffing needs down to a science.

Hi, I’m Pat Powers, Managing Director of Life Science. In addressing the challenges of talent acquisition, I help our clients and consultants stay ahead of the rapid changes occurring in this dynamic field. The evolution of disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, IoT, data science, big data/analytics, data visualization, and bioinformatics has created an extremely challenging environment for finding qualified talent. Thankfully, Signature’s experience has made us a go-to partner for skill areas that involve in-depth, referral-based, and proactive delivery solutions.

Top Skills We See:

With our experience working closely with the life sciences industry, we’ve seen a pattern in the top skills that are in high demand. To be able to fill your needs quickly, we proactively build relationships with top talent.

  • Data Analysis & Visualization
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Program & Project Management
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • R&D
  • Cloud & DevOps
  • SAP & SuccessFactors
  • Workday
  • Technical Writing
  • Manufacturing and Packaging
  • Drug Safety
  • Clinical Trials
  • Bio-Informatics
  • Six Sigma & Continuous Improvement
  • Validation and Quality
  • Supply Chain

It’s not just finding good talent. It’s keeping it.

The search function of what we do is only a small part of our overall process. Talent retention is the true value of what Signature offers to our life sciences clients. Our investment in this vertical, along with the tactics and programs we’ve built around it, have become essential elements in helping our clients both find and hold onto the highly qualified talent they require.

Whether the area is biotech, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer goods—or something in between—our team is ready to help you succeed, regardless of how rapidly the industry, or its staffing needs change.

High risk meets high reward

In an industry where success is predicated on innovation, quality, and maximizing productivity, we constantly engage with our network to develop creative, efficient, and flexible staffing solutions. Our goal is to maximize the consultant experience and, in doing so, alleviate the strain of talent acquisition for our client partners.

The versatility of our proven model has led to success in bioinformatics, clinical operations (discovery & trials), quality/process/validation professionals, research scientists, functional experts on regulatory compliance, R&D, and a host of other areas.

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