Getting the right person in the right place at the right time.

Hello. I am Scott Cuticchia. As the Director of Recruiting on a national level, I help your local Signature office deliver the people you need when and where you need them. Think of my group as a SWAT team that supplements your dedicated local team. Whenever you have a need that can’t be met by local resources—say you’re opening an office in a different part of the country, for example–my team springs into action to deliver the best candidates from around the nation.

In addition to my national team, Signature also has industry- and technology-focused teams. These specialists make sure our candidates have the right backgrounds and skills to be productive from day one. We’ll do the hard work upfront, getting to know your needs, your environment, your culture and your goals. This attention to detail is why Signature averages less than four resumes and two interviews to find the perfect match.

Basically, what all this means is that we can efficiently fill your positions no matter what the location or what kind of IT expertise is required. A few minutes with us will save you hours spent on needs assessment, in-house interviews, technical testing, pre-qualifying and personal interviews. And thanks to our strong referral program and our vast network of candidates, chances are good that we can quickly pinpoint exactly the person you’re looking for.

The Signature Recruiting & Retention Model


This is where we identify candidates and prequalify them through an in-person meeting or qualification call.


We stay in contact with a consultant throughout the qualification, interview, submittal and onboarding process. In fact, we stay in communication even after they start a project. That way, we’re ready to remarket a consultant once the current engagement is complete.


This is where we conduct the technical screening to verify qualifications, have a call with the account manager and do a thorough reference check.


Before the interview with a client, we prep the candidate to ensure everything goes smoothly. After the interview, we get feedback from both the client and the candidate.


At this point, we do a complete background check. We ask questions to ensure adherence to Master Service Agreements and Service Level Agreements. We also oversee both our own and the client’s onboarding process to ensure a smooth transition.


At the time of placement, consultants receive an offer letter and get complete reporting details.

Consultant Care:

As part of our continuous communication throughout the engagement, each consultant receives a welcome package when the assignment begins. Regular communication continues with lunches, happy hours and training opportunities when appropriate.


Even before the assignment ends, we get busy. We proactively communicate with the consultant on the end date and start positioning him or her for the next engagement.

The Right Fit

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Our Partnership Approach

Our dedicated teams strive for 100% compliance, 100% transparency and 100% following of the rules when it comes to serving our clients. This is what we refer to as a “Do No Harm” approach. We start by recruiting people with specific skill sets. Then we focus on the proactive and concentrated delivery of specific skill needs.

Our close partnership continues with communicating and asking questions. This makes it easy to find mutual solutions. We are committed to investing in and growing with you as a partner through our team, geography, systems and training.

Our Holistic Approach

Our fluid response and integrated delivery focuses on sales methodology with a vertical focus, a client-specific methodology, and a skill-set-based recruiting methodology.


Our close partnerships, developed through listening and communication, are key to providing and understanding the right fit for our clients and consultants.


We will work with our consultants and clients to understand top priorities – quality, skill sets, culture, speed to market, compliance, environment, and communication. This produces a successful fit.


Through our mature, thorough relationship process we are able to identify and retain key consultants that have specific skill sets for the job that not only align with the client and consultants expectations but allows us to deliver the solution in a timely manner.

Our commitment to quality

Over the years, we’ve established a thorough relationship process that helps us identify and retain key consultants that align with our clients’ expectations. This allows us to meet staffing needs in a timely manner.

Prior to identifying these candidates, our account managers meet with a client representative to ensure a complete understanding of the work environment and team culture. Together, we define the project scope, review the required skill sets and define success in each role.

Delivering quality resources

Once we know more about the types of consultants a client is looking for, we focus on delivering the right fit. We believe strong client partnerships begin with open conversation. We’ll delve deeply into the team-specific culture, clearly define the skill set needs, and ensure our goals are aligned.

We practice the same open dialogue with our consultants. We take the time to understand the soft skills as well as the proven skill sets. We make sure we have a firm grasp of a candidate’s motivators and ambitions so that we can make the appropriate match.