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Technology, Professional & Recruitment Services

For us, filling the position is just the beginning

My name’s Eric Ferrer. Although we’re not big on titles, I’m basically a Recruiter at Signature. I help my clients find the right person for their needs. By “right,” I don’t just mean someone with the right skill set. That’s a given. Getting it right means finding someone who fits in with a client’s goals and culture.

The only way to do that is to get to know our recruits personally. That’s why we invite them to events like summer socials, happy hours and tailgates where we can get to know the person behind the resume. From there, we build the relationship. This way, there are no weird pauses once we get down to rate negotiations.

Plus, our insider’s view of the industry gives us a jump on the skills most likely to be in demand. So when a client needs someone fast, we don’t have to go out and find the right candidate. Chances are, we already know someone perfect for the job.

Whether it’s ERP, data warehousing, application development or any other marketing or accounting professionals, I promise, I won’t just send out a resume. I’ll send someone I’ve personally vetted. Someone who will hit the ground running from the very first day on the job.

Technology, Professional & Recruitment Services


Our goal is to communicate with 100% of our active consultants EVERY WEEK.

We call this Recontacting.

Consultant Care

Dedicated team of professionals that take care of our consultants.

We call this Consultant Care.


A month before an assignment ends, we are already looking for your next assignment.

We call this Remarketing.

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Our Partnership Approach

For us, it’s not just about recruiting and retaining talent for a one-time need. It’s about establishing long-term relationships that help connect clients and candidates with the best possible fit for both.

Our close partnership continues with communicating and asking questions. This makes it easy to find mutual solutions. We are committed to investing in and growing with you as a partner through our team, geography, systems and training.

For our candidates, this mean:

Proactive Searching:

Our account managers are proactively searching for positions and knowing when a position will come out sometimes one to three months in advance.

Face-to-Face Meetings:

Every year, we meet thousands of candidates face-to-face to ensure we know each one personally. By learning about their unique goals and aspirations, we can quickly match them with the right position when it arises.


Even after we get to know a candidate, we remain in touch. Our recruiters have a goal of connecting with each candidate in their database multiple times each month.

For our clients, this means:

Proactive Support:

Long before you have a need, our team is connecting and Recontacting with industry leaders to stay on top of the latest technology, hiring, and industry trends across the country. By proactively supporting, we follow through on the details from internal submittal, to screening, to external interviews, and compliance.

Engaged Research:

We stay actively involved in the community from sponsoring and hosting networking events and user groups to being leaders of prestige organizations.


We build strong partnerships through open communication, respect, and trust. We make sure we understand our clients’ needs so that we can provide the most qualified candidates to meet those needs.

The Right Fit

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We bring the best and
the brightest together in the right fit

Over the years, we’ve established a thorough relationship process that helps us identify and retain key consultants that align with our clients’ expectations. This allows us to meet staffing needs in a timely manner.

Prior to identifying these candidates, our account managers meet with a client representative to ensure a complete understanding of the work environment and team culture. Together, we define the project scope, review the required skill sets and define success in each role.

Do No Harm

Our dedicated teams strive for 100% compliance, 100% transparency and 100% following of the rules when it comes to serving our clients. This is what we refer to as our “Do No Harm” approach. We start by recruiting people with specific skill sets. Then we focus on the proactive and concentrated delivery of specific skill needs.