Technology trends may change, but our core values won’t.

My name is Eric Ferrer and I am an IT Resource Manager at Signature Consultants. Like a lot of us, I was referred to Signature about 9 years ago and have been here ever since. I believe our secret sauce in the market place is the true relationship building and friends first mindset. We meet most of our candidates so that our chance of helping our candidates and clients is greater. Furthermore, we have thousands of consultants currently working nationwide and we talk to them every week while they are on an assignment through us. We really stay true to ourselves and stick to who we are as people and how we treat our clients, candidates and internal associates.

My focus is in a broad range of technical skill sets with application development being one of the most relevant in the market place. Currently, the market is constantly trying to quickly adapt to new technology trends and emerging technologies, which creates more opportunity. Many companies in my area are still weighted towards Microsoft technologies, but the market has changed and introduced an array of new technology trends like mobile, open source and cloud technology. All these external trends influence our constant internal strive for change and always trying to find ways to get better.

Our culture is the key ingredient to the foundation of what built Signature. The people and the friendships that are formed is what fuels us and our growth. Simple core values set us apart because we live by them. Happiness, hard work, friends first, honesty and integrity are the keys.

I’m proud to be a part of the Signature team. I believe we stand by our model and all we want to do is give our clients and candidates the best possible experience of either hiring a resource or searching for a job opportunity.

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